Easy Product Customizer

All in one app you need to make your product customizable in the Shopify store

Shopify app store


Create customization options and variants options for your product with ease

Break Shopify’s option and variant limit

  • Professional and customizable design
  • 9+ types of an input field
  • Conditional logic and price add-on
  • Easy, quick, optimized, user friendly

Professional and customizable design

  • One-click customizable design
  • Personalize your primary color, option style, width, space between, and more
  • Professional looking designs

Create customization options within a minute

  • Create option set
  • Link product to the option set
  • Enable Easy Product Customizer from the store theme editor

Advance features:

  • Make customization optional
  • Required field
  • Conditional logic: show or hide certain options based on the user’s selection
  • Price add-on
  • Multi-select (set min or max limitation)

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